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Moving my own story forward wasn’t always my priority, yet firsthand experience taught me how diet and lifestyle are the key ingredients for a happier, healthier more authentic life. Growing up in Switzerland, whole food, self-reflection and meditation wasn’t a part of my culture. Looking back I realize that my story gave me plenty of signals. I  ignored them, never even thought that my lifestyle was a major contributor to my frequent mood swings, swollen glands, food cravings and debilitating allergies. I was known for my “complaining” attitude, aggressive nature and cranky disposition.
Lucky for me, my story took a turn and I fell in love. (I know it’s hard to believe, considering what I was known for) She was a very smart and intuitive women who was desperately trying to find treatment to end years of migraine attacks, which threatened to end her career as a teacher. Traditional Swiss medicine did not help and despite being discouraged by doctors her last hope was experimenting with dietary changes.  As we both started to eat a mostly plant based, whole food diet our story changed for the better. Her migraine attacks vanished and my allergies were almost gone. This was over twenty years ago while I still was living in Switzerland and it was the starting point for me to take charge of my story and life. Over the last two decades I’ve continued to change my story. I improved my diet, added daily meditation, holistic exercises and work that I love to my self-care plan. It has become a way of living, growing and learning that never stops.
Seven years ago my story took another big turn. I left Switzerland and started a new life with my wife and stepchildren in the Seattle area. I have a background in education, mediation and coaching and it serves me well to do this kind of work. Most recently, I received certification as a holistic yoga teacher (B.E.S.T), learning in depth about the mind-body connection and energy work.
I am grateful to support my clients through positive lifestyle changes and move their story forward. Transforming our life is not a walk in the park. It’s hard work, yet it pays back with your ability to live, laugh and love more. Isn’t that what we all crave? It  takes courage, persistence and practice to live from a place of power and love rather than fear. If 360alive, ‘Change Your Story – Change Your Life’ can inspire you to take another step towards the magnificent, authentic and real person you truly are at your core, then I’ve done what I’m inspired to do here.

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