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It was a pleasure to meet you at the meditation talk! I made some handouts that will help you to get started with your practice. Click on the tabs below and feel free to email me with any questions to Have a great day.





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How to transform your biggest problem into your biggest gift whether you’re challenged at work, in your relationships, with your finances or with your health.

Are you going through a hard time at work, in your relationships, financially or with your health? You are not alone. Dealing with a divorce, separation, illness or with financial problems is painful but we can learn from these experiences and gain a deeper understanding that moves us beyond the pain and old belief system that hold us back in living a truly fulfilling life. This practice will help you to step into a universal flow of unconditional love helping you to transform from within rather than repeating patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you at work, at home or with your health.
  1. Whatever your struggle is right now embrace it rather than reject it. Don’t try to fix it – don’t sugarcoat – don’t fuel the “problem” with stories you create in your mind, just feel all emotions and sensations in your body. There’s absolutely no need to find solutions at this stage. Just fully embrace whatever it is that you’re feeling without making up stories or taking any actions. 
  2. As you’re going through this process remind yourself that you’re not the “problem”. Allow yourself to give the “problem” entirely over to a Higher Power who is here to support you, whatever the challenge is you’re facing. You can call this power whatever you want. Love, Divinity, God, Life Force- you chose what resonates with you.
  3. Absorb, like a sponge, the support you’re getting. Again just feel what arises in your body. If you find yourself making up stories about the future or the past, and are filled with doubts about what you’re doing, come back to your body’s sensations, into the present moment and feel what is happening in the Now. With practice you’ll experience an energy shift, recovering your natural state of being.
  4. Enjoy who you are without the “problem”. This is the moment where you’ll be able to receive the gifts/solutions to move forward with clarity, creativity and confidence.
Please contact Daniel directly for a complimentary mentoring session at / 206.718.7078.

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