change2Thanks for visiting! I am glad you’ve come here. Perhaps you’re skeptical if all this ‘Change Your Story – Change Your Life Talk’ is worth your time and money. Good for you – you should be and there’s only one way to find out. Give Daniel a call!
There’s no hidden magic in moving your story forward. The key is to become aware of the ‘gift’ that you’ve created with the circumstances in your life. You can’t see the ‘gift’ right now – that’s why we should talk.
Please contact Daniel directly for a complimentary mentoring session at / 206.718.7078.


Book Support Special   $360

Perhaps you’ve tried making positive lifestyle changes before yet realized how difficult it is to follow through without a plan or someone who keeps you on task and accountable. The ‘Book Support Special’ is perfect for those of you who want the benefit of working One-on-One with Daniel.
In addition to receiving the book ‘Change Your Story – Change Your Life’, this package includes 4 private, weekly sessions (for one month) with Daniel. You will have support as you carefully follow the weekly exercises in the book and create sustainable positive changes in your life. Those might be related to health, fitness, relationships, finance, and career or to simply reduce stress or finding new purpose, balance or direction in your life.


One Hour Mentoring  $120


Not ready to commit for a full month or perhaps you want to get a sense if Daniel is a good fit for you? Not a problem. We schedule just one hour and zoom in on the most pressing area of your story. You’ll experience right away how ‘Life Story Mentoring’ can help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.


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