Change Your Story, Change Your LifeThe book ‘Change your story – Change your life’ is a personal development process based on the formula screenwriters and novelists use to create inspiring movies and books. People read the book for lots of reasons. Perhaps you want to:
Make peace with the past and move forward in life
Clarify your personal, professional, and spiritual goals
Take charge of your health, finance, and relationships
Find a career or job that inspires you, not just one that pays the bills
Start over strong and write a new story after a job change, layoff, career switch, divorce, or break-up 
The book guides you through a four-week process of transformation and self-reflection. Each week, you’ll be introduced to a new exercise that you can do at your own pace. Each exercise will help you move your life story forward, onward, and upward.
Some of you might prefer going through this process alone. But for those of you who want some support along the way, we created a program called “Life Story Mentoring.” You can choose how much support and guidance you need and work One-on-One with Daniel.

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